Protection for Outlook

With this new help site around our plugin for Windows Outlook we want to show you a simple and easy way to protect your Outlook messages and emails with a single click. We will cover

  • Installation
  • Automated Encryption of Attachments
  • Automated recipient to password assignments
  • Language management in the Plugin
  • Handling of the Plugin in general

throughout this site.

The plugin was first introduced in late 2016 and has undergone some updates over the past months. We are planning the release of Version 2.0 in January 2018 (so very soon) with updates on the Installer and the automated recognition of the Outlook version used.

We will also introduce some other solutions, even competitive services if we find them of use for different cases of encryption. The new plugin is already in Beta, but we will not be able to finish it before Christmas 2017 and then everybody is on holiday 🙂

So officially our brand new Outlook protection tool will hit the market in about 4 weeks.

It always is a tough split between “feature rich” and “simple” and we want to make the world of email a bit safer, especially in the light of the upcoming GDPR regulations, we have to reconsider the usage of all available tools, including Outlook!

Meanwhile, we strongly recommend our Version 1.6 which comes with a free 30 days trial for you to test our approach!

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