Outlook Encryption Plugin For Free

Oops, we did it again – the new Outlook Plugin (for Windows only) was just published and we have pimped the solution a fair deal:

  • Faster protection
  • 7+ bugs found and killed
  • File combination into a single “PDF with attachments”
  • Free trial runs forever (with ads)

and much was done. The installer is signed and safe to use – I personally signed it with our certificate.

With the new release it is much easier to encrypt even images or other file formats, which are not natively supported by the plugin. Click the image to download the latest version from our product site:

protect PDF file

or jump directly to the download page in English.

This release closes a lot of bugs and looks much nicer. With the upcoming regulations in Europe, this is the way to encrypt attachments: simple, fast and does not require the recipients to install anything and it does also NOT use any cloud services!

We are working on a new release already again and all feedback is more than welcome!

2 thoughts on “Outlook Encryption Plugin For Free”

  1. Hi ich finde die Lösung sehr attraktiv.
    Eignet sich diese auch dafür, .jpeg zu verschlüsseln oder geht es nur mit PDF und Office Dokumenten.
    Beste Grüße aus Freiburg

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